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What is SNAP Built

SNAP Built is craftsmanship in a SNAP and BUILT to last! 

Craftsmanship in a SNAP is core to our company philosophy. Whether you are building the new home of your dreams, or remodeling your existing one, our highly-skilled team will spare no effort in completing your project with perfection.

We source through trusted partners we have carefully selected for their ability to consistently provide the highest-quality materials.  We keep projects on budget and on schedule to deliver smooth, cost-effective projects.

About Scott Pahl

Wanting to build a better life for his family, SNAP Built owner, Scott Pahl resigned his managment position with a local automotive dealership in 2013 to start SNAP Built.

Scott often shares the story of how the dealership owner once said to him “If something happens to you…the lights will come on tomorrow!”  Scott decided to pursue his plan and life-long dream of owning a construction business.

It’s all about family!

SNAP Built is a family business at its very foundation. In fact, the SNAP Built name is comprised of Scott, Nicole (Scott’s wife), Addilyn (their daughter) and Pahl. SNAP Built is our family providing excellent service to our client’s family.

Scott is blessed to work with his amazing cousin and mentor Cassandra Anderson.  Cassandra is the Interior Designer who provides a creative designs element to SNAP Built work.

Our Services

SNAP Built provides comprehensive construction and remodeling services in the Central Illinois area.

General Contractor
Project Management
Custom Moulding Trim
Cabinetry Installation
Tile and Grout
Hardwood Flooring
Drywall Installation

Small Jobs Around the House

Have some small jobs around the house you don’t have time to complete? SNAP Built is your secret weapon in completing the never ending list of honey do’s.

Hardwood Flooring
Wall Decor Installation
Mirror Installations
Cabinetry Hardware Replacement
Screen Door Repair
Microwave Installation

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